Orsinger Foundation is Closed

The Genevieve and Ward Orsinger Foundation Closed at the End of 2023

After 26 years of deep dive learning about our nonprofit community and our last five years providing purpose specific Dual Generation grants with sunsetting the Foundation in mind, the Orsinger Foundation closed at the end of 2023. We are no longer providing grants and have dissolved our 501(c)3. Our final 990 PF is here (pdf), and you can read a parting story about our sunsetting in the San Antonio Report. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to meet, learn, and work with the nonprofits of our community. You are a blessing to all. Thank you for making our communities a better place.

Genevieve and Ward Orsinger loved people, travel, nature, cooking, dancing, and helping others. They continuously helped others meet their goals so they could then go on the journey they had chosen. Over the years they supported numerous causes of their own whether it be the Symphony, Boysville, Botanical Gardens, or other causes that were close to their hearts. In 1980 they donated part of their land to the county to become Orsinger Park. When Ward passed away in 1983, Genevieve then had a pavilion built there to include not only a covered place to dance, meet, eat and be merry, but also a cooking area to BBQ, grill or cater for parties. She and Ward had met at MacArthur Park square dancing, and this was her way to share the two loves of her life, Ward and dancing. Genevieve knew that when she passed, she wanted to be able to continue helping others and that is how the Foundation came into being. It was her way to support nonprofits doing good work in the community.

They never had any children, but loved helping kids. One of the Foundation’s special programs that Genevieve started was our Junior Advisory Board (JAB). The JAB would be allotted $5,000-$10,000 to come up with something that they believed would help others. Over the years we continued this idea and I was always amazed at what kids could see as issues that we as adults could not see. Some of their projects over the years were: to provide a basketball hoop at a student rec center that had no way to play Basketball; making a community garden for a community center to help provide more food for families to take home and kids to learn how to garden; provide equipment that helped a youth center come together with computers to do after school homework, referee, coach, sell concessions, run the scoreboard, do once a month volunteer at Senior assisted living facility, once a month college visits; putting together Little Free libraries by building them, getting book donations and setting them up at different nonprofit organizations that worked with kids; and during the pandemic putting together some healthy snacks, face masks, latex gloves, and other needed items to keep families safe from COVID. What a wonderful way to build youth leadership.

For the San Antonio Community, we initiated the SA Funders group back in 2008 and it is still going strong meeting and discussing ways to be better funders as well as what is happening in our community needs and discussing new trends in philanthropy.

Our other major accomplishment for our community was convincing Scott McAnich, Executive Director of the San Antonio Nonprofit Council, to set up and start the Big Give SA to help with educating nonprofits on fund raising but also provide a platform to help build awareness of the amazing work the nonprofits in our community are doing. Since they began the Big Give they have raised over 40 million dollars for our community. Way to go Scott!

In our decision to Sunset the Foundation, it was a move to be able to provide grants that would not just put a Band-Aid on an issue but actually deep dive and work to find the root of the problem and allow work to fix it or at least provide the momentum for it to be looked at in perhaps a different light. During the past five years of working specifically with Dual Generation grants we were able to do that by providing substantial funding for our grantees. Seeing some unique thought processes and teamwork on approaching the issue has been probably the most gratifying experience for me. Our venture into Dual Generation came from looking at the family as a whole and going back to Genevieve and Ward’s original work by addressing the need of multiple generations within a family unit and helping families move ahead in their lives. This is where they started and our hope is that we have continued their work in a manner that would make them proud of the legacy they have left behind.
Our Final PF990 (pdf).

The Genevieve and Ward Orsinger Foundation is Closed